Anna-Margot Millton was born in New Zealand into an arty house, her mum was an artist and her father a lapidarist, so creating was encouraged from a young age. Growing up the family travelled a lot and living in NZ, Australia, California and then back to Australia. She was able to absorb different influences and through her family was able to learn a wide variety of jewellery making and enamelling techniques including lost wax in Arizona, silversmithing in Denmark, and enamelling in Japan, as well as getting a chance to attend workshops with some of the worlds leading enamelists and various jewellery techniques.

As well as running her own business, creating jewellery and exhibiting Anna-Margot has been teaching weekly classes and workshops in jewellery making, enamelling and wire working both privately and through TAFE adult classes, MacGregor Summer School and Brisbane Visual Arts Community.

Currently Anna-Margot is president of the Queensland Enamellers Guild, Editor in Chief of Metal, Stone & Glass magazine, and exhibiting in group exhibitions with the Enamellers Guild and others. Anna-Margot has been running Anna-Margot Originals since 1985 making and repairing jewellry, teaching, and supplying jewellry tools and supplies.


Alexandria Collins was born into an arty household. Her grandparents were artistic and her mother is a jeweler. From a young age she has been in the workshop making things and visiting workshops with other people to learn different techniques.

She also has a fascination with fabric and bead craft. She applies this with fashioning historical garments and costumes.